Ms. Goulet has 13 years of teaching experience and for the past 8 years has taught French and history in grades 7-12 in DoDEA schools in Guam and Germany. Prior to joining DoDEA, Ms. Goulet taught French and English to high school students at Istrouma Senior High School in Baton Rouge, La.; English to children and adults at the American Academy of English in Wroclaw, Poland; French to students at the Edward J. Gay Middle School in Plaquemine, La.; French to elementary and high school students at the North Iberville Elementary and High School in Plaquemine, La.; and French to high school students at Wossman High School in Monroe, La.

Ms. Goulet majored in Political Science and French at Louisiana State University (LSU), earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree from LSU in French. She also attended LSU's Teacher Education Program and Alternative Teacher Certification Program. She earned credit for advanced studies in Curriculum and Instruction from Chapman University Graduate School and is currently enrolled in Northcentral University's Doctoral Program in Curriculum and Teaching.

Ms. Goulet believes that hands-on activities are minds-on activities. She advocates for technology that has the power to provide interactive learning experiences that transport students to wherever the educator envisions. Over eighty representatives of KMS and the PTSA sponsored the nomination of Ms. Goulet. "We think she possesses a wonderful composite of qualities that make her an ideal teacher and we are thankful she's ours!

Dorothy Goff Goulet 7th to 12th Grade Teacher
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