Ms. Lundy has 27 years of teaching experience and has taught reading in DoDEA elementary schools in Germany and Korea for the past 20 years. Prior to joining DoDEA, Ms. Lundy taught in middle and elementary schools in Georgia and Florida.

She earned her Associate of Arts Degree from Manatee Community College and her Master's of Science Degree from Florida State University.

Ms. Lundy advocates for inclusion in the classroom. She believes a goal of the classroom teacher should be to create a learning environment which meets the needs of not only the regular education students, but more importantly the students who struggle with learning, who are not able to make good decisions about their behavior and those students whose family situations are less than optimal.

"Providing this environment comes about by managing classroom behavior in such a way that children feel safe to try new things and every child feels accepted by what they are accomplishing no matter what level they are on. Each day is a new start."

Lori Diane Lundy
Reading Teacher
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