Ms. Nelson has 27 years of teaching experience and has been teaching Language Arts and ESOL for the past 13 years in DoDEA schools in Guam at Andersen Elementary and Middle Schools. Prior to joining DoDEA, Ms. Nelson taught in schools in Guam and Washington state. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Viterboro University in La Crosse, Wis., and her Masters of Arts from the University of Guam.

Ms. Nelson demonstrates her philosophy of teaching by creating a workplace in her classroom where students wrestle with real-life problems. Ms. Nelson believes that students need to know how to analyze information, think critically, solve problems and work successfully in teams.

"I call it transformational education," she states. It takes the rote work off the desk and replaces it with thought-provoking tasks. It transforms the classroom into a modern day workplace where individuals and teams are challenged to identify resources, offer solutions or resolve problems. It empowers students to define what they know, ask meaningful questions, search systematically for answers and present their findings."

Suzette Nelson Language Arts and ESOL Teacher
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