Erin Goodfellow has been an advocate for dynamic, hands-on learning for her students since beginning her teaching career at Menwith Hill, England in 1998. Her decision to become a teacher was directly influenced by her father who finished his educational career as a school superintendent. As a multiage classroom teacher, she engaged her students in project based learning and hands on investigations. After leaving England, Mrs. Goodfellow moved to the Azores and then to Byrd School in Yokohama, Japan. While at Byrd School, Mrs. Goodfellow went back to her teaching roots in a multiage classroom.

Mrs. Goodfellow's next assignment was Netzaberg, Germany. Once there, she developed her own STEAM classroom. Her collaboration with other teachers eventually led to a STEAM classroom in each grade level. Mrs. Goodfellow then worked with the Bavaria District Superintendent's Office to plan and facilitate district wide STEAM trainings.

Mrs. Goodfellow has continued to advocate for hands on learning at Vicenza Elementary. She and her students have created a garden and composting program for the school. Mrs. Goodfellow also coordinates school wide STEAM projects that inspire and encourage student learning. School wide projects, such as this year’s Paratrooper Jump, will involve the Fire Department and the 173rd Sky Soldiers. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Goodfellow is the school CCRS Math Teacher Leader and the STEAM Committee chair person. Mrs. Goodfellow has served on a number of district wide initiatives and recently was a member of the 2017 DoDEA K-5 Science Technical Evaluation Board.

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Erin Goodfellow 4th Grade Teacher
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