Mrs. Megan Reyes is a highly dedicated, competent teacher that makes a difference for her students and school. She has high expectations for her students and herself, always paying attention to her students' needs. Mrs. Reyes is energetic and is genuinely interested in and respectful of young people. She has been teaching middle school social studies and science for DoDEA for over 16 years both at home and abroad. She uses best practices, to include 21st Century Teaching and Learning strategies. She uses enduring understandings, graphic organizers, AVID strategies, and other practices purposefully. Her instructional activities have incorporated rigor and have promoted student communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Mrs. Reyes is an innovative teacher skilled at promoting active learning through multiple learning approaches and hands-on activities. Mrs. Reyes is an organized teacher up-to-date on the latest curriculum and resources. She implements new teaching methods when applicable, as well as educational software and Internet programs. Mrs. Reyes integrated technology for interactive activities and formative and summative assessments. She used her students' data to guide her classroom instruction and to meet her students' needs. Mrs. Reyes encourages students to engage in group work and to solve problems as a team. Mrs. Reyes is highly responsive to the unique developmental needs of middle school aged students. She is a progressive teacher who believes students should play an active role in their own learning process. Mrs. Reyes is a mindful middle school teacher accomplished in preparing students for the future.

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Megan Reyes Social Studies & Science Teacher
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