LAKENHEATH, UK — February 24, 2020 — Caletha Ellis was announced today as the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Europe West District Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Ellis teaches mixed grade levels (9-12) at Lakenheath High School in the United Kingdom. Her current teaching assignment includes AP U.S. History, Psychology, Sociology, & U.S. History.

In 2002 Ms. Ellis began her DoDEA teaching career at London Central High School as a dynamic social studies teacher and advocate for positive education. Her philosophy in education is grounded in relationship-building, and her overarching goal for students is to cultivate “actionable empathy” and create positive change for the future.

Mrs. Ellis encourages her students to take risks and rise to challenges by creating a warm and safe learning environment, whilst instilling confidence-building skills, positive communication and collaboration, leadership opportunities, and the inspiration to be change-makers in the community. She regularly takes her students beyond the classroom by organizing study trips both within and outside of the UK. From local trips such as Bletchley Park to other countries such as Russia, she has equipped her students to see themselves as global citizens who take an active interest in affairs across all borders.

Mrs. Ellis strongly believes that in addition to facilitating college, career, and civic life readiness skills, teachers need to advocate for and support student well-being. Well-being encompasses the skills and opportunities that all individuals need to live a meaningful life and make positive contributions to society. She believes that supportive classroom environments that nurture student wellbeing, compassion, integrity, grit, and a celebration of diversity will serve to empower lifelong learning and success.

Mrs. Ellis was recognized as the 2016 DoDEA History Teacher of the Year and she currently teaches AP U.S. History, Psychology, Sociology, and U.S. History at Lakenheath High School. She now moves on to the DoDEA Teacher of the Year program.

Europe West TOY 2021
Caletha Ellis  9th to 12th Grade AP U.S. History, Psychology, Sociology, and U.S. History Teacher
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