Michael Pope, a seventh grade STEM teacher at Zama American Middle High School in Japan, was selected to represent the Pacific East district as its 2021 Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Pope has 23 years of teaching experience, 17 of which have been with DoDEA. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University, where he served on the dean’s board and worked with the education department. His master’s degree was earned from Brenau University. He also holds certifications in gifted education and Japanese studies from University of Maryland Asia Campus.

“As a science teacher, I enjoy staying up on the research and sharing that with my students daily,” Pope said. “I also enjoy how teaching science has allowed me to stay connected to my first passion, medicine, and inspire the next generation of learners.”

Pope is always looking for ways to grow as a teacher, taking time during the summer months to increase his knowledge.

“I self-educate and use this time to prepare my science lessons for the year with research, experiments and professional connections that can be used in my classroom,” he said.

Zama American Middle High School Principal William Carter described Pope as a stellar teacher, devout instructor, and the consummate professional educator of the highest caliber.

“He is a lifelong learner with long-term goals of making learning a kinesthetic experience through hands-on, real world opportunities that will have a social impact on the immediate and extended communities,” Carter said.

TOY Zama
Michael Pope  7th Grade STEM Teacher
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