Jessica Mitchell is passionate about facilitating a human-centered education. Her educational philosophy is to cultivate positive relationships and authentic connections with her students before they engage in the rigorous discovery to become Artistically Literate. After graduating from Northern Arizona University in 2006, Jessica started her Visual Arts teaching career at Millennium High School in Goodyear, Arizona, before taking the Alconbury Middle School position on RAF Alconbury, England, to teach 6-I2th grade art in 2008. The Military-Connected community she immersed in gave her an appreciation for how her students and their families exercise resilience. It reinforced the importance of· establishing a positive and engaging classroom culture for student learning.

Ms. Mitchell's passion for teaching art is not just for the successful works of art to hang on the wall but ultimately the journey each student takes as they actively engage in the artistic process. Amid that process, the student experiences the most growth, and it is where they are confronted by obstacles not only in the art techniques but the ones they place in front of themselves. The student is empowered to decide the course of their success, giving them agency in their learning.

Beyond the art room, Ms. Mitchell has taken an active role in extracurricular areas of leadership such as Creative Connections, the High School Student Council, Random Acts of Kindness, Art Club sponsor, Instructional Leadership Team, and is the School News Liaison.

TOY Alconbury MS
Ms. Jessica Mitchell 6th-12th Grade Art Teacher
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