Jennifer Mench teaches 6th grade Integrated Science and AVID Elective (7 – 8th grade) at Spangdahlem Middle School (SpMS) in the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Europe West District. In 2020, Ms. Mench earned her Master of Education from George Mason University, majoring in Curriculum and Instruction. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Geography in 1993 from Radford University, majoring in Cartography and Planning. Ms. Mench teaches Next Generation Science Standards, wherein she engages students in discussions, models activities and labs, and teaches the importance of reasoning. In 2021, Ms. Mench began teaching the AVID Elective and was selected to be AVID Coordinator.

Ms. Mench’s support of students extends beyond the classroom. She is in her fourth year celebrating student success as Awards Coordinator. Ms. Mench serves as SpMS School News Liaison, updating the community about events, accolades, and day-to-day news related to the school.

As a DoDEA educator, Ms. Mench focuses on teaching students to think like scientists. She encourages all students to ask questions, seek evidence, and question what they think they know. Knowing students are preparing for jobs that do not yet exist, Ms. Mench focuses on teaching her students 21st Century foundational skills.

Jennifer Mench
Ms. Jennifer Mench 6th-8th Science/AVID Teacher Teacher
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