The Department of Defense Education Activity Pacific East District is pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Megan Bartl as the district’s 2024 Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Bartl teaches first grade at Mendel Elementary School, located at Yokota Air Base in Japan.

“Being named District Teacher of the Year is such an honor,” Ms. Bartl said. “It is a privilege to do what we do each day, to foster the learning and development of military children. Being able to accept this award in front of students, parents, and the administrators and colleagues that support me was truly a wonderful feeling.

“Working with DoDEA is my first military-connected experience. Over the last 19 years, I’ve witnessed how incredibly resilient military children are. They are the most welcoming, open-minded classmates. They know firsthand that change is a part of life and support each other as they adjust and adapt.”

Ms. Bartl has served as a teacher in the Pacific East District for 14 years, during which time she has taught first, second and fifth grades, English as a Second Language, and Virtual School. Her previous teaching experience includes five years in DoDEA Europe and five years in Palm Beach County School District, Fla.

She said she became a teacher because school was always a safe, supportive place for her as a child, and she wanted to provide that feeling for others.

“The ability to be creative in the classroom, to build and foster relationships with students, to team with other teachers – it all appealed to me,” Ms. Bartl said. “It did during my undergraduate course work and it still does today. I think there is a lot of variety in teaching – the grade you teach, the students you service, the parents you support. That variety keeps things new, interesting, challenging, and exciting!”

Ms. Bartl holds a master’s degree in Foundations of Education from Florida Atlantic University and a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Western Michigan University. Her teacher leadership experience includes serving as a Team Lead, Continuous School Improvement Co-chair and Team Member, and Professional Development Co-facilitator.

As the Pacific East District Teacher of the Year selectee, Ms. Bartl will be considered for the 2024 DoDEA Teacher of the Year, which competes for National Teacher of the Year. All selectees will also attend the annual DoDEA Teacher of the Year Leadership Summit held at DoDEA Headquarters in September.

2024 District Teacher of the Year Recipient
Megan N. Bartl 2nd Grade Teacher
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