Department of Defense Education Activity

Employee of the Quarter - First Quarter 2021

Bragg McRimmon

Mr. Bragg McRimmon

Information Technology (IT) Specialist

Employee of the Quarter

Jan – Mar 2021


Mr. Bragg McRimmon’s development of COVID data management tools, as well as the ongoing support to the Serious Incident Reports and the Director’s Critical Information Requirements (DCIRs), has ensured DoDEA’s ability to track and report critical information to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other Department of Defense agencies. Mr. McRimmon’s flexibility, attention to detail and ability to transition customer requests into usable tools are invaluable. His work has enabled schools, districts, regions and DoDEA HQ’s staff the ability to track and report COVID positive cases, individuals required to quarantine as a result of possible exposure to COVID and the COVID vaccination numbers for DoDEA, as well as monitor historical trends and conduct analysis on that information which has been critical in providing current and accurate information when requested by senior leadership for decision-making purposes.

Mr. McRimmon’s innovative coding and use of the ServiceNow tool provided administrators and staff with an easy to use system of tracking COVID cases, quarantine and COVID vaccination records in an automated system, when this information was previously managed manually through spreadsheets, emails and paper files. His development of these tools were game changers in reducing administrative time as well as providing accuracy in reports for use in leader decision-making and reporting to Department of Defense agencies and organizations. Mr. McRimmon incorporated customer requirements into viable online solutions, while providing outstanding cumulative reports from HQ’s to the school level. He also collaborated at all levels of personnel to conduct testing which ensured systems met all requirements, ensuring tools were not just an immediate fix but also provided a historic record by importing numerous disparate data sources such as google sheets, excel spreadsheets, and Teams documents into a database to ensure data quality prior to implementation.

In addition to his advanced technical skills, Mr. McRimmon always responded to questions, requests for information and system change requests in an extremely professional manner, ensuring the requests were addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. His hard work, dedication, expertise, and outstanding attitude were essential in making sure DoDEA's status was accurately reflected on a worldwide level and reflect the highest standards of dedication to the DoDEA mission. Accordingly, Mr. McRimmon is most deserving of this award, as his sustained excellence, attentiveness and commitment to the DoDEA mission bring great credit upon himself, DoDEA, and the Department of Defense.