Department of Defense Education Activity

Employee of the Quarter - Fourth Quarter 2021

Ashley Powers

Ms. Ashley A. Powers

Administrative Officer
Maxwell Elementary Middle School, Alabama

Employee of the Quarter

October – December 2021


Ms. Powers assisted the principal at Maxwell AFB with leading the implementation of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Pilot Program, which is the only program of its kind currently in DoDEA Americas. Ms. Powers was essential in this process. She pulled data from application submissions into spreadsheets and organized applicants based on readiness criteria that was established, time of submission for application and reviewing criteria for each applicant. She received over 215 applications to review, determine eligibility, and communicate to parents their status within the program. The school enrolled 69 students under the NDAA Pilot Program for SY21-22.

As a contributing member of the NDAA Pilot Program team, Ms. Powers created and collected data to show areas of improvement, lessons learned, and best practices for the program to provide in an Administrator Desk Guide to be utilized at the school level across DoDEA.

Additionally, Ms. Powers continued to support our construction project which included interior and exterior MILCON renovations, SRM project designs, and furniture installation in the 21st Century school.

Ms. Powers assumed and provided support fulfilling secretary and school support assistant roles as those positions were vacant through SY21-22. Additionally, she has been instrumental in filling and training those positions once personnel were hired. Her duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to billing and approving officer, transportation coordinator, budget analyst for spending, contracting officer representative for the school level for all construction and ongoing renovation, supervisor for support staff, liaison for the student meal program, hiring coordinator overseeing RPAs, manpower, human resource issues, and safety and security officer.