DODEA Europe will be launching a Universal Prekindergarten Program

Dr. Michelle Howard-Brahaney, Ph.D.
Apr 17, 2024
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Dear DoDEA Europe Team:

I am thrilled to share that most of our elementary schools in DODEA Europe will be launching a Universal Prekindergarten Program in the upcoming school year. This program will provide a strong educational foundation for our youngest learners, and we look forward to welcoming the children and their families to our DoDEA schools. While most of our schools are in Phase 1 of the program (schools/communities that have space for the classrooms), we have a few schools in Phases 2 or 3. Phase 2 and 3 schools will implement Universal Prekindergarten in future years, depending on the extent of facility renovation necessary for the program. We are actively collaborating with our military partners and schools that are not in Phase 1 to ensure their swift inclusion in the program.

Early childhood education serves as a strong foundation for future academic success. This comprehensive and engaging program will set children up for a successful educational journey. As we embark on this journey, we are confident in its positive impact on the lives of our youngest learners and the entire DoDEA Europe community. As with so many things in DoDEA, your support and involvement in this program is critical to its success.  We are grateful for your partnership.

April, one of my most cherished months in the school year, is designated as the Month of the Military Child. It is a time to wholeheartedly applaud military families and their children for their daily sacrifices and perseverance. This month is a testament to the invaluable role our military families play in our community. In DoDEA Europe, schools, teachers, staff, parents, and the entire community spend tireless hours planning and executing special events to honor our military-connected students. These include assemblies, art projects, and community service activities that highlight our military children's unique experiences and strengths. Administrators are incorporating weekly themes to highlight the importance of providing children with quality educational services and support to help them succeed in our dynamic world. I want to thank you and applaud everyone for their contributions—your selfless acts to support students and schools do not go unnoticed.

As we approach the end of April, a month filled with celebrations and honors for our military children, we reflect on the tireless efforts and dedication that have defined this pivotal school year. I am deeply appreciative and honored for all your hard work, unwavering efforts, partnership, and commitment. Each and every one of you has made a significant impact, and I am personally grateful for your contributions.

Thank you all for your support and dedication as we finish this school year. Your efforts have been instrumental in our success, it’s an excellent time to be part of DoDEA Europe. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students!

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