End Of School Year 2023-24 Message from DoDEA Europe DSE

Dr. Michelle Howard-Brahaney, Ph.D.
Jun 05, 2024
DoDEA's official photo of Dr. Michelle Howard-Brahaney. DoDEA Europe Director for Student Excellence.

Dear DoDEA-Europe Teachers and Staff,

As we approach the end of this extraordinary academic year, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude for your unwavering commitment to our students. Your dedication, hard work, and passion have truly made a difference in their lives.

Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones—whether it was fostering a love for learning, igniting curiosity, or providing a safe and nurturing environment. Our collective efforts have shaped young minds and set them on a path toward success.

As summer approaches, I encourage each of you to take a well-deserved break. Recharge, reflect, and savor the moments of triumph and growth. You’ve inspired countless students, and your impact extends far beyond the classroom walls.

Before you begin your summer adventures, I kindly ask that you participate in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS). Your insights are invaluable, and they contribute to the continuous improvement of our educational community. Your voice matters, and I appreciate your thoughtful feedback. Every DoDEA employee was sent a personal email with their specific link to the survey. 

May this summer be filled with relaxation, joy, and new discoveries. Whether you’re exploring distant shores or enjoying a staycation, remember that you’ve made a lasting impression on young our students and families. 

I look forward to next school year and seeing you in August! 

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