Mr. Wilfredo S. Salinas Jr.

Will Salinas has made a positive impact across the Pacific West District and the Pacific Region. Besides his duties as FOS for Humphreys Middle School and Humphreys West Elementary School, Salinas volunteered to take on the additional responsibilities as FOS for DoDEA schools in Guam.

During initial Guam site visits and assessments, he quickly identified funding shortfalls and coordinated an additional $500K for Guam’s reoccurring maintenance account. Salinas also reviewed and updated the budget submission for Guam’s FY24 and a FY25 zero-based budget. Through a thorough spending trend analysis and review of the funding requirements, Salinas was able to identify additional improvements that led to a $1M increase in the facility maintenance and repairs budget from $1.8M to $2.8M. Salinas also reviewed onsite procedures and streamlined the work order process. Additionally, he identified necessary HVAC repairs for Andersen Elementary and Middle School, generating seven projects worth a total of $725K.  

Salinas took immediate action and has been invaluable to the recovery efforts following the damage from Typhoon Mawar in May. His efforts directly ensured the school was ready and enabled the safe and successful graduation ceremony at Guam High School.  

Salinas is an excellent communicator and has been leading the weekly facilities updates to DoDEA senior leaders advising the status of repairs. He continues to coordinate with the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC), the Base Operations Support (BOS) contractor, and the global contingency contractor to prioritize DoDEA projects on Guam, coordinate funding with headquarters, and ensure the schools are on the path for full recovery.  

Salinas is a phenomenal team member who continually pushes to provide superior support to our schools.

Mr. Wilfredo Salinas, Facility Operations Specialist (FOS) at USAG Camp Humphreys in Korea was selected as DoDEA's Employee of the Quarter for the Second Quarter of 2023.
Mr. Wilfredo S. Salinas Jr. Facilities Operations Specialist
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