As the Europe region equal employment specialist, Robin Jamison demonstrated exceptional dedication when she volunteered to take on significant additional work when the EEO Counselor in the Pacific retired the end of December 2022, leaving her as the sole EEO Counselor for two separate geographical areas; her workload instantly increased by 100%.

The EEOC states that an EEO case must be processed within 30-days; however, in spite of her workload doubling during this entire quarter, Ms. Jamison has continued to process cases within the timelines prescribed by the EEOC.

Despite the significant increase in her daily responsibility, Jamison demonstrated why she is such a fantastic asset to EEOP and DoDEA. With grace, dignity, and professionalism, she continued to provide outstanding counseling services to employees and management officials engaged in the EEO Process or seeking information about the EEO program or the EEO complaint process.

Of all the cases that she processed, nearly half of them were resolved in the informal phase. Although the EEO process is confidential, there is no doubt that Jamison's efforts and expertise was responsible, in some shape or form, for the cases to be resolved at the lowest possible level.

Beyond counseling, Jamison was also invaluable to her supervisor. She regularly and promptly responded to data requests and other weekly inquiries that helped the Branch Chief and EEOP Division Chief manage the Division. Jamison is also well respected by her peers and throughout the Europe Region as an expert in her field, as evidenced by her work this quarter.

Ms. Robin Jamison, Equal Employment Specialist at the Europe Region Office was selected as the Employee of the Quarter for the First Quarter of 2023.
Ms. Robin Jamison EEO
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