As the school support assistant at Netzaberg Elementary School, William Bidinger has always taken on additional duties and performed beyond the standards or expectations of his position. 

Bidinger was the only supply tech for the Grafenwoehr/Vilseck complex for many months. Due to most of Netzaberg’s office staff PCSing over the summer, Bidinger willingly stepped up to help keep everything afloat. Every day he can be found moving between the front office and his supply office, either answering phones, assisting parents, or aiding staff with their specific needs.   

His overall willingness and compassion for Netzaberg’s workplace culture have truly helped inspire the office culture into a working and successful organism again. Bidinger doesn’t do this with any expectations, other than to help make the team successful.

During school year 2023-24, he stepped into the role of ordering for the entire community (five schools) and area office, as he is the only purchasing official in the area. Without his continued support this year, all of the schools in the community would have ground to a halt and even lost their annual budget causing a cascade of issues in the coming school years. Bidinger has done all of this without additional compensation, complaint, or impact on his other duties. He cares about the school, students, and staff, and truly embodies the DoDEA mission statement.  

Bidinger will be retiring this school year, and his absence will truly be felt by the Europe East District. 

William Bidinger was selected as DoDEA's Employee of the Quarter for the First Quarter of 2024.
Mr. William C. Bidinger School Support Assistant
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