DoDEA’s Organizational Ombuds service provides the workforce and community an independent, informal, impartial, and confidential services that help visitors raise and resolve issues within their organization. An ombuds:

  • Is available to all visitors to raise, address, and resolve various concerns and issues.
  • Connects visitors to resources to resolve issues and better understand policies, guidelines, and organizational structure.
  • Acts as a confidential and informal contact to resolve concerns.
  • Maintains strict confidentiality (except where there is an imminent threat of harm).
  • Does not keep records on individuals but does keep and provide anonymized feedback to leadership.
  • Advocates for fair processes, not any one individual.
  • Supplements, but does not replace, the organization’s existing resources such as Human Resources, Equal Employment Opportunity Programs (EEOP), union representatives, and management.

The DoDEA Ombuds are committed to integrity and the highest professional standards. We operate under the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice enunciated by the International Ombuds Association (IOA).

For more information about the IOA, please visit

 IOA Standards of Practice

IOA Code of Ethics

For More Information

For more information about DoDEA’s organizational ombuds services, please contact Chris Megee, Ombuds and Resolution Services Chief, at or book a time to talk at Book time with Megee, Christine Ms. CIV OSD/DoDEA-HQ.

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