The Ombuds and Resolution Services program complements other dispute resolution programs available within DoDEA. Often times the Ombuds will refer visitors to these resources and in return these programs refer people to the Ombuds for assistance. The difference between the Ombuds and these other resources is that the Ombuds is an "off the record informal resource." Going to the Ombuds does not rule out utilization of these other options.

Your Management Chain

Whenever possible concerns should be brought to your supervisor for help in resolving the issue.

DoDEA Office of Human Resources

The Human Resource function is in place to meet the demands of the DoDEA workforce. This group deals with issues in the areas of:

  • Benefits and Pay
  • Human Capital Management
  • HR Policies and Programs
  • DoDEA Jobs
  • Life Events
  • Training and Development

Near Miss Reporting

DoDEA has a program to report an accident "that almost happened." Such incidents may be reported via Accident/Injury Report System (AIRS). See DoDEA AI 6055.01 DoDEA Safety Program.

Employee Assistance (EAP)

The following information is only for HQ employees working at the Mark Center.

The EAP provides confidential and professional help to employees facing personal problems that might impact their performance, health, well-being or safety. There are two distinct sources available. Both are confidential and do not incur any additional initial costs to you. First, you are covered through the EAP services which are on site at the Mark Center as part of the Pentagon Employee Referral Service. You also have a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service which provides many of the resources listed above. The DoD Employee Assistance Program is off site and the Toll Free Number is 1-866-580-9046 and is also available online.

DoDEA Equal Employment Opportunity Programs

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Programs (EEOP) helps create an environment where all employees and applicants associated with DoDEA are treated fairly and without any forms of unlawful discrimination in any Agency Program.

  • Discrimination complaints
  • How to file
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Class Action

DoDEA Inspector General

The DoDEA Office of Inspector General is an independent office that provides a neutral perspective to management on issues regarding DoDEA's personnel, policies, and practices, through conducting investigations, inspections and audits. The DoDEA OIG operates and maintains the DoDEA Hotline, which is a confidential and formal reporting system for individuals to report fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. Anyone may make a complaint to the DoDEA Hotline without fear of reprisal.

DoDEA Civil Rights Program

The Civil Rights Program is a collaborative process designed to help DoDEA recognize and take reasonable steps to eliminate unlawful discrimination in DoDEA schools, programs, activities, and workplaces, as required under Executive Order 13160.

Your Union

Your union can address issues of discipline and adverse action and inspect collective bargaining agreements.

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