Standards of Practice

Standards Of Practice / Guiding Principles

The DODEA Ombudsmen are committed to integrity and the highest professional standards. We operate under the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice enunciated by the International Ombuds Association (IOA); we areconfidential, impartial,informal andindependent.

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The effectiveness of the Ombudsman Office rests on its adherence to the standards listed above. The Ombudsman will go to great length to protect the identity of who they have spoken with and the nature of each conversation. The Ombudsman will not take the issue forward without specific permission from the visitor. No notes are retained and case records only track demographic information regarding trends. Exceptions to confidentiality are made in instances of imminent risk of serious harm or statutory exceptions.


The Ombudsman is an advocate for a fair process, not any one individual. The Ombudsman suspends judgment and listens with an open mind.

Informality/ Independence

Going to the Ombudsman Office does not put the District, Region or Agency on notice because the Ombudsman is not a formal resource of the agency. The Ombudsman is not an owner of policy nor makes binding decisions. The Office is free to act without fear of retaliation.

IOA Standards of Practice

IOA Code of Ethics

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