Policy and eBusiness

DoDEA Procurement Policy and eBusiness Branch

The Policy and eBusiness Branch supports procurement personnel and DoDEA customers on the interpretation and application of procurement-related laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and provides access, maintenance, and training of all Procurement-type software as well as web-based access to systems.  

Procurement Policy and eBusiness Branch is responsible for the following:

Provide policy guidance to ensure effective procurement actions that comply with DoD procurement regulations.
Conduct procurement file reviews to ensure procurement regulation compliance.
Provide framework and templates to standardize procurement documentation and transactions.
Report compliance metrics and policy exceptions to DoD/DPC.
Conduct independent verification and validation (IV&V) reviews of procurement data and processes to support DPC data integrity.
Support eBusiness and data systems to enable DoDEA’s procurement professionals to accomplish the agency’s education mission.



Carrie Campbell
Procurement Policy and eBusiness

For policy inquiries, contact Procurement Policy:

For systems questions, contact Procurement eBusiness:

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