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Employee of the Quarter - First Quarter 2021

Employee of the Quarter - First Quarter 2021

July 13, 2021 Congratulations to Bragg McRimmon on being selected EoQ1 2021! An IT Specialist for DoDEA Americas, Mr. McRimmon developed COVID data management tools so DoDEA could track and report critical information to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other Department of Defense agencies.
Employee of the Quarter - First Qtr 2021

Employee of the Quarter - First Qtr 2021

July 13, 2021 Congratulations to Celso “Sal” Scoz on being selected EoQ1 2021! As a bus driver for special needs students at Camp Lejeune Community Schools, Mr. Scoz is one of the truly unsung heroes of DoDEA...

Region News

Kubasaki HS - Mr. Shaver's student earns COMPTIA A+ Certification

June 11, 2021
Congratulations to Tristan Hammond for earning his A+ Certification. Read More

Kubasaki HS - Kubasaki Esports Dragons Win Big Down Under

May 28, 2021
Kubasaki Esports Dragons Win Top Placements in Australia and New Zealand hosted tournament. Read More

Kubasaki HS - Mr. Fick’s Digital Imaging Students Create Banners for the School

May 16, 2021
Mr. Fick’s Digital Imaging students creating banners for the school. Read More

Kubasaki HS - Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Winners

March 25, 2021
Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Winners Read More

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We want YOU to become a substitute teacher!

If you are looking for a rewarding career where you can make a difference, consider joining our team as a substitute teacher! For more information, including substitute teacher job postings throughout the Pacific, visit our Now Hiring Substitute Teachers page.

Latest Press Releases

Mr. Scott Tefft selected as Principal of Bechtel Elementary School

Mr. Scott Tefft selected as Principal of Bechtel Elementary School

July 27, 2021 DoDEA Pacific South District Superintendent, is pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Scott Tefft as principal of Bechtel Elementary School, located in Okinawa, Japan.
DoDEA Pacific announces 2021-22 athletics, Far East academics plans for Pacific East and West districts

DoDEA Pacific announces 2021-22 athletics, Far East academics plans for Pacific East and West districts

July 16, 2021 DoDEA Pacific Region coordinates with military installation commands and public health officials in preparation for 2021-22 Far East academics and athletics.

DoDEA Pacific

Ms. Lois J. Rapp Director for Student Excellence

Ms. Lois J. Rapp
DoDEA Pacific Director for Student Excellence

Mr. Todd Schlitz Chief of Staff

DoDEA Pacific Chief of Staff

Dr. Christopher Marczak Chief of Instructional Leadership Development

DoDEA Pacific Chief of Instructional Leadership Development

District Leadership

Dr. Jeff Arrington District Superintendent

Pacific West District Superintendent

Dr. Judith Allen District Superintendent

Pacific East District Superintendent

Mr. Jimmy Journey District Superintendent

Pacific South District Superintendent

Community Leadership

Dr. Helen R. Bailey Community Superintendent

USAG Humphreys Schools Community Superintendent

Dr. Jackie Ferguson Community Superintendent

Kadena AB Schools Community Superintendent

Dr. Ronald J. Knight Community Superintendent

CFA Yokosuka Schools Community Superintendent

Mr. Donald T. Williams Community Superintendent

Yokota AB Schools Community Superintendent

Mrs. Gail Wiley Community Superintendent

Naval Base Guam Community Superintendent

Substitute School Nurses Needed

If you are a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and interested in becoming a substitute school nurse please go to the online Employment Application System (EAS). When completing the application you MUST indicate that you are interested in intermittent and temporary employment to be considered for this intermittent/temporary vacancy.   

This is a list of contacts of supporting offices for the DoDEA Pacific Region. We are committed to providing our military and deployed families with the best services. Please use the contact information on this page to assist with any questions you might have.

2020-2021 Pacific Region Directory

Pacific Region Directory

DoDEA Pacific Director's Office

DoDEA Pacific
Unit 35007
APO AP 96376-5007

Ms Lois J. Rapp 
Director, DoDEA Pacific DSN: (315) 652-5878/5879/5880
From US: 011-81-98-953-5878/5879/5880
Within Japan: 098-953-5878/5879/5880


Pacific Administrative Services

Office of the Inspector General

DSN: (315) 652-5674
From US: 011-81-98-953-5674
Within Japan: 098-953-5674

Complaint / Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline »

Diversity Management Equal Opportunity »

EEO Complaints Program Manager

DSN: (315) 652-5682
From US: 011-81-98-953-5682
Within Japan: 098-953-5682

Email: DoDEA Pacific EEO

Disability/Diversity Program Manager

DSN: (315) 652-5656
From US: 011-81-98-953-5656
Within Japan: 098-953-5656

General (Legal) Counsel »

DSN: (315) 652-5695
From US: 011-81-98-953-5695
Within Japan: 098-953-5695


Public Affairs »

DSN: (315) 652-5657
From US: 011-81-98-953-5657
Within Japan: 098-953-5657


Safety & Security »

DSN: (315) 652-5787
From US: 011-81-98-953-5787
Within Japan: 098-953-5787


Operations & Support Services

Human Resources »

DSN: (315) 652-5800/5854/5858
From US: 011-81-98-953-5800/5854/5858
Within Japan: 098-953-5800/5854/5858

Information Technology »

DSN: (315) 652-5764/5773
From US: 011-81-98-953-5764/5773
Within Japan: 098-953-5764/5773

Facilities »

DSN: (315) 652-5777
From US: 011-81-98-953-5777
Within Japan: 098-953-5777

Logistics »

DSN: (315) 652-5792
From US: 011-81-98-953-5792
Within Japan: 098-953-5792

Email: Logistics

Procurement »

DSN: (315) 652-5684
From US: 011-81-98-953-5684
Within Japan: 098-953-5684

Email: Procurement

Resource Management »

DSN: (315) 652-5690
From US: 011-81-98-953-5690
Within Japan: 098-953-5690

Email: RM

Student Eligibility and Enrollment »

DSN: (315) 652-5686
From US: 011-81-98-953-5686
Within Japan: 098-953-5686

Email: Email

Regional Student Programs, Activities

Far East Activities »

DSN: (315) 652-5678
From US: 011-81-98-953-5678
Within Japan: 098-953-5678

Far East Athletics »

DSN: (315) 652-5681
From US: 011-81-98-953-5681
Within Japan: 098-953-5681