Business Management

Educational programs in the Business Management & Administration Career Cluster are of interest to individuals who may want to start their own business, lead a team, or even develop strategies to market goods and services to the public. Students learn how to plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of public- or private-sector organizations.

The DoDEA College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) for Career and Technical Education are adopted from the Common Career Technical Core. These standards are referenced as CCRS-CTE.

Standards for Business Management and Administration Career Cluster (BM)

Business Management Pathway

The Business Management Pathway introduces students to laws and regulations affecting business operations and transactions; teaching them how to plan, monitor, and manage day-to-day business activities, human capital, and financial resources; and creating strategic plans used to manage business growth, profit, and goals.

To ensure pathway completion, it is recommended that students take courses in the following sequence: CTB302S, CTB501S, CTB301S, CTB403S, CTB503.

Course Name Course Number Industry Credential Adopted Resources
Management Foundations CTB302S NOCTI: General Management Knowledge Matters: Virtual Business - Management
Marketing & Entrepreneurship CTB501S NOCTI: Retail Merchandising Knowledge Matters: Virtual Business - Entrepreneurship
Business Law CTB503 N/A  
Business & Personal Finance CTB301S NOCTI: Personal Finance Foundations


Knowledge Matters: Virtual Business - Personal Finance

Spreadsheet/Database CTB403S NOCTI: Accounting - Basic Knowledge Matters: Virtual Business - Accounting


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