Educational programs in the Information Technology Career Cluster are of interest to individuals who want to use their skills and abilities to engage with hardware, software, network systems, or multimedia to create, design, and produce interactive products; design, develop, implement, and repair computer systems and software; and work with coding languages.

The DoDEA College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) for Career and Technical Education are adopted from the Common Career Technical Core. These standards are referenced as CCRS-CTE.

Standards for Information Technology Career Cluster (IT)

Cybersecurity Pathway

In the Cybersecurity Pathway, students learn how to plan, monitor, implement, and upgrade security measures for the protection of computer networks and information; as well as design and regulate firewalls, security controls, digital files, and vital electronic infrastructure.

To ensure pathway completion, it is recommended that students take courses in the following sequence: CTP331,CTP332,CTI309,CTI331

Course Name Course Number Industry Credential Adopted Resources
Computer Services Support CTI309 CompTIA: A+ Cisco: IT Essentials
Coding I CTP331 N/A DoDEA Developed Curriculum
Coding II CTP332 N/A DoDEA Developed Curriculum
Cybersecurity CTI331 N/A Cisco: Intro to Cybersecurity; Internet of Things; Cybersecurity Essentials


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