Local School

    For information on a local public school, contact the local education council to determine enrollment procedures for your location. You are eligible for reimbursement of authorized expenses for education (books, fees, etc.) and transportation costs up to the DSSR limit for your duty location. Please refer to Expenses and Transportation for more information.

    Local Private Day

    For a local private day school, please review Choosing an International School. Use these documents to assist with making an informed decision for your child. You are required to select a school which will allow your child to easily progress to the next grade level upon your return to the U.S. NDSP pays one-time fees once per tour of duty unless the school does not offer the next grade level or the school is not able to accommodate the educational needs of the child and the maximum education allowance for the school year has not been exceeded. 

    Local Non-English Speaking School

    When considering a school providing  instruction in another language other than English, it is recommended to review the Non-English School Guidance.

    School/U.S. Government Transportation

    This type of transportation is when the transportation is provided by or arranged by the school or by the U.S. government such as an embassy contracted bus. If School or U.S. Government Transportation is not available, then you can choose between POV Transportation or Commercial Transportation.

    If you use School or U.S. Government Transportation, you should follow the same process as "Payment for a School Invoice."

    POV Transportation

    POV Transportation can be used if School or U.S. Government Transportation is unavailable. To be reimbursed for POV Transportation, complete the following form:

    NOTE: To claim POV mileage, refer to the Defense Travel Management Office Mileage Rates. Only one round trip per day is allowed to school and return. The one-way distance must exceed one mile to qualify for payment/reimbursement.

    Commercial Transportation

    Commercial Transportation can be used if School or U.S. Government Transportation is unavailable. This type of transportation includes commercial modes of transportation such as a public bus, train, taxi, etc. If you use commercial transportation, you should follow the same process as "Payment for a School Invoice."

    Upon receipt of your eligibility e-mail notification regarding your dependent's enrollment in the NDSP, you are responsible for organizing the submission of invoices to NDSP for payment purposes.  Although a number of options for the submission of invoices exist at different locations, you are ultimately responsible for submitting the invoices.  See which option works best for your location.  Payment of fees to a school or personal reimbursement is initiated once you have arrived at the overseas duty location. Always check with your DoD NDSP Liaison at your post location to determine if a procedure already exists regarding the submission of invoices.


    Visit the NDSP Invoice Processing Office to submit your invoice to the appropriate office depending upon your location.

    Please submit your requests for payment to the following NDSP mailboxes, and include the name of your country in the subject line.



    Americas (SOUTHCOM and NORTHCOM)

    Pacific: (includes PACOM)


    CIV: 571-372-0591
    DSN: 312-372-0591
    Fax: 571-372-1908

    Key Points To Remember

    1. Claims must be submitted following the government Fiscal Year (FY).
      • A fiscal year begins on 01 October and ends the following 30 September. For example, FY16 begins 01 October 2015 and ends on 30 September 2016.
      • When submitting authorized expenses through e-mail, please include the name of the country in the 'subject line'.
    2. All invoices must be in English or translated into English. Sponsors can seek translation assistance through the following ways:
    3. When completing a personal reimbursement claim, use the exchange rate on the day of service or the date the invoice was paid.
      • Personal reimbursements will be paid in dollars only using the bank information on file with the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS).
      • If needed, use the Oanda website for the currency conversion rate.
    4. Allow 30 to 35 business days for processing purposes.
    5. Understand the following definitions:
      • Invoice - detailed list of goods or services rendered; an itemized bill.
      • Receipt- An itemized bill that has been marked as having been paid.

    Additional Resources

    Visit DSSR Education Allowance to understand the Department of State Standardized Regulation (DSSR) education rate.

    To learn more about authorized and unauthorized expenses, please click the following links:

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