View the NDSP Orientation to become familiar with:

  • NDSP Eligibility
  • Educational options provided by NDSP
  • Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR) education allowance
  • The overseas educational screening process for students with special education needs
  • Authorized and unauthorized expenses
  • Educational expenses that must be pre-approved
  • NDSP registration process
  • Who to contact for further questions regarding NDSP

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Eligibility for Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP)

Eligibility and approval for the enrollment of an eligible minor dependent of a DoD sponsor must be obtained from the NDSP office prior to enrolling a child in a non-DoD school.

The following conditions must exist to be eligible for Non-DoD Schools Program support:

Sponsor must be a military service member serving on active duty and stationed overseas on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, or
A civilian employee of the Department of Defense who is employed on a permanent full time basis, assigned overseas, and is either a citizen or a national of the United States; Sponsors must be authorized to transport dependents* to or from an overseas area at government expense, and
Sponsors must be provided an allowance for living quarters in that area. Sponsors must be assigned to and reside in a location outside the commuting area of a DoD school.

School-aged dependents are defined as an individual:

  1. Who is the child, stepchild, adopted child, or ward of a DoD sponsor, residing with the sponsor, and is eligible for other command sponsorship services, postal services privileges, and
    Who meets the host nation age requirement for kindergarten, and
  2. Has not completed secondary school and will not reach his or her 21st birthday by September 1 of the current school year (or February 1 in the southern hemisphere); or
  3. Between 3 and 5 years of age with developmental delays and disabilities may be eligible for services if they meet the DoDEA special education criteria.

Initial Registration, Adding a Dependent, New Duty Location

Upon receipt of assignment orders to an overseas location where there is no DoDEA school:

  • Review the NDSP Orientation, particularly Understanding the Registration Process.
  • Register with the NDSP by using the NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system. It is not necessary to have chosen a school or education option to register with NDSP.
  • Use the Interactive School Locator tool to help you research and select a school. NOTE: NDSP does not provide endorsements, nor does it certify schools. Please ensure you research to make sure the school you select meets your child’s individual needs.”
  • Review the Choosing an International School Checklist.
  • Decide which education option is best for your child.
  • Contact the NDSP Liaison at your gaining command/new location to obtain information on schooling options.

Note: The sponsor MUST obtain approval for tuition and other expenses from DoDEA HQ NDSP prior to incurring any expense or signing any agreements and/or contracts.

NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) Quick Start Guide
The SOR Quick Start Guide provides guidance on how to use the application. The application is used when applying to NDSP the first time, adding a dependent, or when moving to a new NDSP duty location.

NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR)
Use this portal for initial registration with the NDSP or if you are adding a second child.

Verification of Command Sponsorship
This form is only needed if your dependents are not listed on the orders.

Kindergarten Enrollment Verification
This document provides directions and a sample memorandum

Proof of Previous Kindergarten Enrollment
This document provides directions and examples of documents that must be submitted to NDSP if a kindergarten student begins an overseas school 45 days after the school year begins.

Family Budget Planning Tool Tutorial
Use this guide to help you maneuver the Family Budget Planning Tool.

Family Budget Planning Tool
This tool will help you understand what educational expenses the NDSP will pay for and what expenses you are expected to cover. It is recommended that you use this tool annually.


*For Re-registration, visit https://registration.dodea.edu/NDSP/privacy‐act.cfm.

Families already registered in NDSP must re-register each year. Visit the Sponsor Portal to complete the re-registration process. You must use the email address NDSP has on file for your account.

You are required to log on and complete the reregistration/update process on the NDSP Sponsor Portal. Review the reregistration dates below.
You MUST indicate if you are PCSing during or at the end of the next school year. If extending the overseas tour, you may submit extension orders.
You must reregister yourself first. Note that your name will appear in the list with your dependents
Once you reregister yourself, then reregister each of your dependents who are currently enrolled for this school year.
You will be asked to provide the school fee schedule, school calendar, and invoice for the next school year, if available. Note that these documents are NOT required to process your reregistration, but ARE required to process payments.
If reregistering and you need to add a dependent not currently registered with the NDSP, you must create a NEW account using the NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system by going to NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system, to add the new dependent. Use the Sponsor Portal to reregister your dependents whom are already in the program.
If moving to a new NDSP duty location, you will NOT use the Sponsor Portal. Instead, you must create a NEW account using the NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system.
It is recommended that you complete the Family Budget Planning Tool annually to ensure knowledge regarding the current DSSR, allowable costs, and costs to the sponsor. We have prepared a Family Budget Planning Tool Tutorial to guide you along your way.

If you have any difficulty accessing the portal, please send an email to NDSP Management.

Registration Quick Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can NDSP pay for the school application fee before we arrive in country?
    No, you must be in country before NDSP can fund any school fees. If you have to pay an application fee or any other start-up fees prior to arriving at your new location, save your receipts. NDSP can refund you those costs once you arrive in location.
  • I am assigned to XXX location. What are the school choices in that location?
    You may find a listing of schools for your location by reviewing the NDSP School Listing and DoS Office of Overseas Schools.
  • I just got my orders. How do I get my child authorized to attend the school we have chosen?
    Review the Initial Registration Procedure on our website.
  • Must I select a school and indicate that choice when registering using the NDSP Student Online Registration system?
    No, you are not required to select a school. If you are not sure which school option is best for your child, it is best to leave this field blank. After eligibility is established, you may email NDSP.Management@hq.dodea.edu once you have selected a school. A new Registration Notification email will be sent to you.
  • My 3-year-old will be 4 when we arrive at our new location overseas. Will he qualify for preschool paid by NDSP?
    No, NDSP pays for school tuition and other associated fees for students in kindergarten through 12th grade unless the student receives special education services. Your child can attend preschool in location but NDSP will not be able to fund it.
  • What is the Non DoD Schools Program (NDSP)?
    The Non DoD Schools Program (NDSP) provides academic support and funding for the education of authorized command sponsored dependents of the U.S. Department of Defense military members and civilian employees assigned to overseas areas where no U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity School (DoDEA) is available. The program currently serves approximately 3800 students in 131 countries.

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