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Annual Reregistration

Reregistration for the NDSP is an annual requirement. Access the Sponsor Portal to complete the re-registration process.

  • If the sponsor’s DEROS/end of tour date occurs during the school year, the Sponsor Portal re-registration application will prompt the user to confirm transfer during the school year. Upload extension orders for review
  • The sponsor must first register themselves. The sponsor’s name will appear along with their dependents.
  • Once the sponsor reregisters, then reregister each of the dependents currently enrolled in the NDSP.
  • The sponsor will be asked to provide the school fee schedule, school calendar, and invoice for the next school year, if available. Note that these documents are NOT required to process your reregistration but ARE required to process payments.
  • If adding a dependent not currently registered with the NDSP, refer to the section below titled “Adding a Dependent.”
  • If moving to a new NDSP duty location, you will NOT use the Sponsor Portal. Instead, you must create a NEW account using the NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system. Refer to the section below titled “Transferring NDSP to NDSP.”
  • It is recommended that you complete the  Family Budget Planning Tool annually to ensure knowledge regarding the current DSSR, allowable costs, and costs to the sponsor.

Note: Please use the “Forgot Password” link at the bottom of the Sponsor Portal landing page to retrieve a lost password. You must use the email address associated with your NDSP Sponsor Profile. Please direct any questions to the NDSP Management Team.

Change of School

During the annual reregistration process you may opt to switch to a different educational option. The three options available are: At Post (private or public school) Home Study/Virtual School, or an Away from Post boarding school option. Should you choose to change the school option for your child you must take into consideration any one-time fees to be assessed by the gaining school. The NDSP will fund one-time fees once per tour except in those instances where a school does not offer the next needed grade level. Contact the NDSP Management team with any questions.

Adding a New Dependent

  • If adding a newly eligible child (such as a rising Pre-K student) for a new school year, access the SOR again using your original username and password, and create a new student profile for a different school year.
  • If you need to add a new student for a school year into which students have already been entered, you must create a new sponsor profile in SOR and create an application for the and add the child in that way. Once accepted into the program, those records will merge with the records already established in the program. If you’re not sure, reach out to the NDSP Management Team .

Transferring Between NDSP Locations

  • Transferring to a new NDSP location requires a new eligibility review and school registration. 
  • Upon receipt of orders to a new NDSP assignment location, create a NEW account using the NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system. 
  • The education allowance resets upon transfer to a new NDSP assignment location. 

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