DSSR Education Allowance

DSSR Education Allowance

DSSR Education Allowance

Prior to choosing an education option for your child, it is important to be familiar with the Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR) education allowance rates.  The allowance is established to assist sponsors in meeting the expenses that may be incurred while stationed in an NDSP location.  The education allowances may not cover every expense and are set by the Department of State (DoS) and are:

  • Your maximum allowance 
  • Used to defray the costs of education
  • Are published in the DSSR

NOTE:  It is extremely important to know your DSSR education allowance PRIOR to choosing an education option.  A child's tuition, transportation and any other authorized fees can be funded by NDSP up to the DSSR education rate limit for the sponsor's duty location.  Any expenses incurred above the DSSR allowance will be the responsibility of the sponsor.

One-time fees (registration, enrollment, etc.) are not factored as part of the DSSR education allowance when choosing to use a school at post and are paid once per tour unless the school does not offer the next grade.  One-time fees are not applicable for students utilizing Home Study/Private Instruction or attending a school away from post (boarding school).  All fees charged for Home Study/Private Instruction or a school away from post are included as part of the educational allowance.  Students may attend boarding school in grades 6-12 up to the limits of the DSSR away from post allowance for the duty location.

Each location has a DSSR allowance by grade level.  The allowance is based on the location of the sponsor's duty station, not where the child attends school.  There is an "At Post" rate and an "Away from Post" DSSR allowance. Please click the tabs below to see the difference between At Post and Away From Post DSSR allowance.

At Post

At Post: School at post means an elementary or secondary school is within daily commuting distance of the employee's duty location.

data sheet

When the "At Post" and the "Away from Post" DSSR rate are the same amount, it means that there are adequate schools available.

Away From Post

School away from post means an elementary or secondary school so far beyond daily commuting distance of the employee's duty location as to necessitate board and room in connection with attendance. The away from post rate is only used when a boarding school is selected.

away from post data

When the "Away from Post" rate is HIGHER than the "At Post" rate for grades 6-12, there is not an adequate school at location.

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