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The NDSP is a program within the Department of Defense Education Activity. The purpose of NDSP is to provide educational support and financial assistance to defray costs of education and to facilitate educational continuity in international locations where there is no DoDEA school. NDSP does not approve, endorse, or certify schools.

You may choose the educational setting that best meets your child's needs. You must select an educational option that will allow your child to easily transition to the next grade when you return to the United States.



Educate, engage, and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world. As a part of Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), the Non-Department of Defense Schools Program (NDSP) adopts the DoDEA mission and vision statement.


To be among the world's leaders in education, enriching the lives of military-connected students and the communities in which they live.


To provide support to facilitate continuity of education in international locations.

Initial Registration, Adding a Dependent, New Duty Location

Upon receipt of assignment orders to an overseas location where there is no DoDEA school:

Note: The sponsor MUST obtain approval for tuition and other expenses from DoDEA HQ NDSP prior to incurring any expense or signing any agreements and/or contracts.



Families already registered in NDSP must re-register each year. Visit the Sponsor Portal to complete the re-registration process. You must use the email address NDSP has on file for your account.

  1. You are required to log on and complete the reregistration/update process on the NDSP Sponsor Portal. Review the reregistration dates below.
  2. You MUST indicate if you are PCSing during or at the end of the next school year. If extending the overseas tour, you may submit extension orders.
  3. You must reregister yourself first. Note that your name will appear in the list with your dependents
  4. Once you reregister yourself, then reregister each of your dependents who are currently enrolled for this school year.
  5. You will be asked to provide the school fee schedule, school calendar, and invoice for the next school year, if available. Note that these documents are NOT required to process your reregistration, but ARE required to process payments.
  6. If reregistering and you need to add a dependent not currently registered with the NDSP, you must create a NEW account using the NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system by going to NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system, to add the new dependent. Use the Sponsor Portal to reregister your dependents whom are already in the program.
  7. If moving to a new NDSP duty location, you will NOT use the Sponsor Portal. Instead, you must create a NEW account using the NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system.

It is recommended that you complete the Family Budget Planning Tool annually to ensure knowledge regarding the current DSSR, allowable costs, and costs to the sponsor. We have prepared a Family Budget Planning Tool Tutorial to guide you along your way.

If you have any difficulty accessing the portal, please send an email to .

COVID-19 Impact on Tuition Payments for Eligible Dependents of the NDSP

COVID 19 Educational Resources for Sponsors and Students

COVID-19 has significantly disrupted the education cycle for a large number of NDSP students.  The pandemic came quickly, seemingly out of nowhere.  While we still do not know how long we will have to contend with the illness or its consequences—especially as related to education, we are providing links to resources that can assist you with remaining prepared in to deal with current circumstances and in the event of future evacuations, school closures, etc.  

In addition to eligible dependents located at the overseas duty station, the NDSP has been given a special authorization to allow payments for those eligible dependents who are on authorized departure from the overseas location when the following provisions are met:

  • The DoD-sponsor is at the overseas duty station and the school-aged dependent cannot travel to the duty station because of COVID-19 implications; and o the school-aged dependent was enrolled in the Non-DoD Schools Program for the SY 2019-20 but is in the safe-haven location due to authorized/ordered departure status; and o the family intends for the dependent to return to the duty station as soon as they are authorized to do so; and o the student enrolls at the overseas school; and o the overseas school will provide online schooling as of the start of the school year.

The DoD sponsor has the choice to enroll their dependent in a publically funded school in the safe haven location. However, if the dependent is re-enrolled in the overseas school, then the sponsor will be required to sign a repayment agreement prior to the NDSP payment.

Sponsors may upload their signed agreement with tuition invoice to their sponsor portal or email to the NDSP Administration box at . They may also email NDSP Management at .

If you have specific questions, please contact us by emailing at or reach out to your regional education specialists at:



COVID 19 Updates for Our Military-Connected Community