Renewal Agreement Travel (RAT)


Renewal Agreement Travel (RAT) is managed by the Renewal Agreement Travel (RAT) & Educational Travel (EdT) Branch. The branch is responsible for supporting Outside Contiguous United States (OCONUS) employees and authorized dependents returning home between tours of duty.

RAT/Ed travel authorizations and flight reservations are facilitated by the Resource Management (RM) RAT/EdT Branch. The RAT/EdT Branch utilizes the Defense Travel System (DTS) to process DD Form 1610s and make flight reservations for upcoming RAT/EdT. The RAT/EdT Branch employees serve as liaisons with Civilian Human Resource Agency (CHRA), the Travel Management Companies (TMC), and DoDEA employees to ensure proper execution of RAT in accordance with governmental regulations.


The RAT/EdT Branch supports DoDEA employees with the following tasks:

  • Educate DoDEA employees by providing travel instructions.
  • Create DTS Authorizations (DD Form 1610).
  • Book flight reservations in DTS.
  • Review, amend, and cancel DTS authorizations for RAT.
  • Provide written Approving Official authorization for self-procurement of airfare based on the cost analysis by the Branch Specialist.
  • Enter and process vouchers for travel reimbursement and reconciliation.
  • Manage RAT Debt Collections.

Systems used for Renewal Agreement Travel

  • TOPSOnline portal to request an Educational Travel Authorization (DD Form 1614)  
  • DTSDepartment of Defense Travel website for creating travel orders (DD Form 1610), booking flight reservations in DTS, and settling of travel vouchers.


  • JTR – Joint Travel Regulations for DoD Travel
  • DSSR – Department of State Standardized Regulations for Educational Travel

Forms used for Renewal Agreement Travel

Download DD 1351

Contact Information

For assistance with TOPS please email CHRA.

For questions or assistance with your DTS RAT travel orders and or vouchers please email the RAT & EdT Branch.


    It’s never too early to start planning for your RAT.  Upon approval of DD Form 1614 in TOPS, a RM RAT and EdT Branch Specialist is assigned to facilitate communication and travel coordination with each employee.  Employees receive an email from the assigned specialist requesting air transportation details via the Reservation Request Form.  The Reservation Request Form summarizes flight preference details. Completed forms should be returned as soon as possible, to allow Branch Specialists to make flight reservations in DTS in accordance with the Travel Management Service (TMS).  Travelers are not authorized to self-procure without prior written Approving Official authorization, that is provided by the Branch Specialist.

    A Branch Specialist engages with employees after approval of the DD Form 1614 in TOPS, to draft travel arrangements in the DTS. Flight reservations are established in the DTS and must be in accordance with the Travel Management Service (TMS). Once travel arrangements are established, the DTS reservation is approved, allowing flight reservations to be ticketed.

    RAT eligible educators may begin travel no sooner that the following dates (unless specifically stated otherwise on the TOPS authorization DD Form 1614 and or DD Form 1610 Orders): 

    • Europe and Pacific - May 22, 2024
    • SHAPE - May 29, 2024 
    • AFNorth - June 6, 2024
    • Bahrain - May 22, 2024

    GS employees may elect to take RAT anytime during the calendar year and are not restricted by the above dates, however only after the completion of the effective transportation agreement.

    Yes, the sponsoring employee must exercise RAT for any authorized dependent to travel.

    One-way travel is only authorized under certain circumstances.

    Luggage and UAB allowances are authorized by the JTR. For more information reference the JTR 055006 (Baggage Transportation).

    Lodging is not authorized unless the only air transportation itinerary provided by the TMC (SATO, OWT) requires an overnight (Cuba travelers are provided 1 night of lodging as AMC flights are the only option on/off the island). Rental cars are not authorized unless previously approved on the travel order.

    Yes, all RAT orders require reconciliation attesting the travel occurred.

    Vouchers are submitted via the RM Global Service Desk

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