The Resource Management (RM) Formulation and Payroll Branch is responsible for the DoDEA Tuition Program in accordance with United States Code, DoD Regulations and DoDEA policy. We support DoDEAs world class education by: 

  • Calculating both Federal and Non-Federally Connected Tuition Rates. 
  • Invoicing Federal Agencies, Commercial Bill Payers, and Individual Bill Payers. 
  • Collect and process tuition payments respectively. 

DoDEA schools are divided into two (2) areas: Contiguous United States (CONUS) and Outside the Contiguous United States (OCONUS). Within the two (2) areas, DoDEA schools are broken down into regions as follows: 

  • DoDEA Americas Schools include DOD Elementary and Secondary schools located in the CONUS, to include Puerto Rico and Guam.  
  • DoDEA Overseas Schools include DOD Elementary and Secondary schools located the Pacific, Europe, and WT Sampson EHS in Cuba. 

DoDEA tuition rates are established and published by DoDEA HQ Resource Management Division (RMD) Budget Formulation and Payroll Branch prior to each school year. DoDEA HQ RMD calculates two tuition rates, Federally Connected and Non-Federally Connected, which are established in accordance with the tuition computation methodology provided in DoDEA AI 7200.01, DoDEA Tuition Program, section 3.   

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